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LUM!X is an Austrian DJ and producer. Luca Michlmayr, better known as LUM!X, is one of the fastest-rising stars in the dance and electronic music industry.
Full biography:
With over half a Billion Streams, the Multi-Platinum Producer is quickly becoming one of the most successful download artists of recent times. His most successful track to date has been 'Monster' released in 2019 being 3x PLATINUM and 7x GOLD verified. It features Gabry Ponte, the Italian DJ and producer who rose to prominence as a member of legendary Italian dance group Eiffel 65 and their number one hit: “Blue (Da Be Dee)”. His second single “The Passenger” also reached several gold certifications, accomplishing more than 70 Million streams and still counting. LUM!X becoming one of Europe's most sought-after dance music producers has established the teenager as one of Austria's most significant musical exports of recent years.


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+385 91 5615 103