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DJ Antoine

With the biggest European hit of the year 2011 „Welcome To St. Tropez“, and the unbelievable over 1,000,000 times sold and Impala awarded hit single „Ma Chérie“ DJ Antoine launched himself to an international level. His last album "DJ Antoine - Sky Is The Limit" with the hit singles "Bella Vita", "Sky Is The Limit" and "House Party" achieved big successes and many awards.

But the life of Europe’s most booked star-DJ and most successful Swiss export didn’t start with just glamour and fame. Antoine Konrad’s huge passion for music, endurance, commitment and his confidence in the things he believed in, have always been loyal companions on his way to the top. Also his flair for trends, the right partners, a strong team and of course his fans provided him with the support needed.

Full biography:
The beginning of DJ Antoine’s career is due to the establishment of the club “House Café” in Basel in 1995. Within a short period of time, his funky sets and his trademark “dress to impress” made him a cult figure within the Basel society and later on also in the Swiss House scene. In 1998 he produced his first album “DJ Antoine – The Pumpin House Mix”. The big breakthrough in Switzerland happened one year later, the “Houseworks 1” – Compilation was the first gold rewarded album of DJ Antoine. This success was followed by further compilations, albums and Gold-Awards. The single “This Time” (2007) was his first international breakthrough and established DJ Antoine throughout the world.

Also the last bestseller album “Welcome To DJ Antoine” enthused and increased the fans and industry within Europe. The album release tour provided the clubs all around Europe with huge queues.

The results of DJ Antoine’s tireless motivation are: over 50 CD releases, more than 3 million records sold. He received 39 Gold-Awards, 2 Triple Gold-Awards, 7 Platinum-Awards, 4 Double Platinum-Awards, 2 Triple and 1 Quadruple-Platinum-Awards! For the third time in a row Antoine won the Swiss Music Award for “Best Album Dance National”. Highlight of his career so far are the two nominations for the Echo in 2012 and 2013, one of the most important music awards in Europe, in the category “Best Artist Dance”. Popular magazines and newspapers write about the life and career of DJ Antoine regularly, for example: Bild (D), Bravo (D), Seitenblicke (A), Prestige (CH), 20 Min (CH), Le Matin (CH), SMAG (DE) and Musikwoche (D). He also appears frequently on leading German, Austrian and Swiss TV channels.

Despite his constantly full agenda and his big international success one thing stays the most important for him: Direct and personal contact to his fans. The many party hungry people at his gigs are the motivational reason for Antoine to give these great performances on stage and inspire him to produce new hits. After his gigs he always loves to spend time with his fans to make pictures, sign autographs and talk to them. 

The multi-talent DJ Antoine has always proved to set new trends with his music. Many famous brands like Skyy Vodka, Perrier-Jouët “Belle Epoque” Champaign, Ballantine's, Cadillac Europe, Kyboe, Cazal, Dom Rebel, Falke, Yves Izo and the Swiss haute couture brand SuitArt are working together with DJ Antoine. Also Dom Pérignon, Sony Ericsson, Campari, Maurice Lacroix, New Era and Pernod Ricard are or were loyal partners on VIP-Events organized by DJ Antoine.

At the moment Antoine and his partner Mad Mark are working intensely in the music studio on a new single and a new album. The new single "DJ Antoine - Light It Up" will be released on the 9th of May 2014 (in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and more). The new album will follow in autumn 2014.



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