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17 AUG 2016
Paul Kalkbrenner
BARRAKUD 5th Anniversary w. Paul Kalkbrenner

To celebrate the unforgettable memories we created with you all during the last 5 years, BARRAKUD and PAPAYA are proud to present the 5th anniversary of our Croatian story with one of the artists that most contributed to create it.
PAUL KALKBRENNER will headline the Main stage of our Croatian home on the 17th of August for a great night event. Are you all ready to #ravetheworld once again with us?

Are you all ready to #ravetheworld once again with us?

Day 1
17 AUG 2016
Paul kalkbrenner  berlin  26.02.2018 5166

Paul Kalkbrenner

It’s pretty rare for a musician to use their seventh album for something of a complete re-boot. Let’s face it, most don’t even make it to album 7 (and if they do, the mellow-coloured button they end up pressing is usually marked “business as usual”).  But for Paul Kalkbrenner this willingness to hit the reset-button, is also all about taking his career to the next, worldwide level.  



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