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Papaya Main Stage - A New Croatian Landmark
New design of the club's main stage that will take your breath away
The new main stage of Croatia’s most popular club Papaya will most certainly be one of those things you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about in the summer of 2014. Its modern and distinguishing construction has already made it ultimately recognizable and it’s for sure that after this summer it will become a new Croatian landmark!

The officially declared 23rd best club in the world according to DJ MAG – Papaya
is situated on the beautiful coast of Croatia, or to say more precisely, on one of the most popular party beaches in Europe - Zrce beach. With this season’s redesign the club has once again succeeded to out-top itself and the big expectations of all clubbing and nightlife fans. The exclusive new look of the club will satisfy even the most demanding guests while its appearance can be compared only to the best clubs of Ibiza, Las Vegas or Miami.

The biggest spectacle of the redesign that also managed to catch everyone’s attention is the club’s amazing new stage. Because of its specific and easily recognizable “shell” construction, the predictions already say it will become a new Croatian landmark. Papaya crew does its best to improve the club every year and within that goal they also push the promotion and the attraction of what Croatian tourism has to offer to people around the world, especially to ones interested in the excitement of music performances featured with the biggest names of electronic music under the open summer sky.

The stage designers
Zlatko Ovanin and Lovro Skoblar from the architectural office “Projekt MOD” say that “the ‘open shell’ construction symbolizes Papaya’s stage not only as a pearl of the Croatian dance music scene, but also as a monument to the electronic music culture in Croatia and the famous sunrises at Papaya which made the club popular around the world.”

Papaya club has set off as the pioneer of Croatian festival tourism - for 12 years in a row they have been investing over 1,5 million dollars each year in the development of culture and music tourism which has through the years turned Croatia into a true hit summer destination. Zrce beach has become the home of over dozen worldwide known festivals such as Hideout, Sonus,
New Yorker Fresh Island, Barrakud, DJ MAG Beach, HTC Day & Night, Electrobeach and many others. Papaya club also holds a big amount of credits in the popularization of Croatia as a festival destination, which brought some festival giants to its music scene such as Ultra Europe, Outlook, Dimensions, Unknown etc.  

This summer Papaya club has entered a new era of Croatian festival tourism; tourism that cares about every detail of the touristic program, design, offers, content, appearance, and with its main stage as a state landmark, we’re sure you’ll be hearing about this fantastic club even more in the years to come.



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