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Hideout 2014: The Croatia-Ibiza comparison
An reporter, Francesca Evans, visited Croatia this summer during the Hideout festival and wrote a report on everything that caught her eye.

The main reason why she was excited to come to Croatia was the fact that many articles and travel blogs called Zrce beach “The New Ibiza”. She mentiones Hideout festival as one of Croatia's most dangerous weapons and that's exactly why she asked one of Hideout’s founders Dan Blackledge why he thought people were relating the two: “I think people are saying that because it’s another destination that’s getting increasingly popular and has electronic music but, in my opinion, it is completely different to Ibiza. It’s new, it’s fresh, and you can dance outside, all day until 6 in the morning under the stars, next to the sea, next to the mountains and forests. I don’t know anywhere in Ibiza that you can do that anymore.” 

Francesca also mentioned how she was surprised with the venue upon her very arrival at the most famous party beach in Croatia, because in her head the word ‘festival’ drums up connotations of marquees, muddy crowds and swiftly darting from one end to the other between acts, but the setting at Zrce beach was more like a holiday strip.

She also did a detail comparison of Ibiza's and Zrce beach's superclubs, saying how they all possess stage-like platforms where the DJ booths sit, no roof overhead and a swimming pool of some description. The main difference between the two the reporter discussed with some of Hideout's clubbers and while they agreed Croatia's becoming more popular, they all hope that the prices wouldn’t rise to Ibiza level since now they're still very affordable in comparison. Also, she emphasizes how Novalja, unlike Ibiza, is still trying to maintain its leisurely, simple and traditional lifestyle.

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