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Interview with Harrison 2016
Interview with Harrison; one of the headliners of theBig Beach Spring Break festival

It's your first time visiting Papaya club! Are you excited? Have you been to Croatia before?

I’m very excited, I’ve heard great things! No, I’ve never been to Croatia before so it will be cool to see and have the honour of playing Papaya! :)


Croatia and Zrce beach are becoming one of the most famous summer party destinations mainly because of their big festivals and events.

Do you think that the festival trend will continue and why?

Definitely, I think many DJs prefer and get more excited for festivals.

I think its because the environment that festivals bring and the energy is just not comparable to how club shows are. There’s more interaction between myself and the fans and a lot of people go to a festival to see the acts rather than a club it can be a lot of a mixed crowd who aren’t there to party with you, so it can be very mixed crowds in a club and difficult to read and engage in the same way.


What have you been up to lately? Is there some new tracks or collaborations on the way?

Been on tour, haha! Literally since end of March I’ve probably been home in total for 5-6 days… was in Taiwan then 2 days home, then off to India, then 1 day home, then went to Mallorca to shot my ‘LA girls' music video, came home for 1 day and then off to Germany for a club show! Straight from Germany to the Netherlands for Kings Day - again only 2 days home - before I headed off on my debut Asia tour! I did Japan (2 shows), South Korea and Thailand… so its been very very busy, and am looking forward to more studio time with a few projects happening!

There is a mix of collaborations and also a few Harrison tracks, ‘Once Upon A Time’ my track with Kill The Buzz will be out the 23rd May on Revealed Recordings!


What would be your 10 most favorite tracks you like to play during your performances?

1.    Hard style mix of my tack ‘The Wave’ – which is how I like to end my set

2.    ‘Sit Down’ – Vinai & Harrison

3.    A bootleg I made of ‘The Real Slim Shady’ - Eminem

4.    ‘Sally’ – Hardwell feat. Harrison

5.    ‘Ain’t a Party’ – David Guetta feat. Harrison

6.    ‘Mayday’ – Dannic feat. Harrison

7.    ‘Taboo’ - Harrison

8.    ‘Creeping on the Low’ - Harrison

9.    ‘Around’ - Harrison


What's the message for your fans and visitors of Big Beach Spring break in May at Papaya this summer? What can they expect?

Prepare to have the best night ever! We will party so hard together, so get everyone to come out! :) You can expect to have one of the biggest sit downs I have done, and some amazing interaction through some live singing and Djing – can’t wait to party!



UK based 21 year old Harrison’s strengths lie in his uniqueness. As both a vocalist and DJ his stage performances combine these skills to consistently explosive effect and alongside producing records in his own right his vocal collaboration with David Guetta “Ain’t A Party” has already established him as a vocal force to be reckoned with.


[email protected]

+385 91 5615 103