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Season 2021 update
As all of you, we CAN'T WAIT for summer! ❤
Here's the good news: we plan to open Papaya club in 2021 and work under the given restrictions and safety measures. We are doing our best to open already in June, but the club will definitely be working during July and August, probably even September. 🥳

We are in close contact with the authorities concerning coronavirus issues and are monitoring everything that is happening both in Croatia and the world. The Croatian authorities still didn't give out detailed instructions for open air venues during the summer yet, so we cannot be sure under what circumstances will we be able to work. We are doing everything we can to be ready do adapt to all possible changes, also and especially thanks to the positive news from the vaccination campaigns around Europe and all over the World.

We sincerely thank you for your continued loyalty and patience during these difficult times. We will be updating you on all news and major decisions as soon as we have them.

Papaya is waiting for you! 🥰🥂🌊☀️


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+385 91 5615 103