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Timmy trumpet 03

Timmy Trumpet

Timmy   Trumpet   –   DJ,   producer   and   live   instrumentalist   –   is   undoubtedly   one   of   the   most   unique   performers   currently   ranked   in   the   DJ   Mag   Top   100.   An   award-winning,   multi-platinum   selling   recording   artist,   Timmy   has   forged   his   way   to   the   top   of   the   industry   alongside   the   influential   artists   taking   the   world   by   storm.  
Full biography:
 His   breakthrough   release   Freaks   reigned   in   over   150   million   plays   on   Spotify,   reached   five   times   platinum   status   in   Australia,   dominated   the   charts   in   ten   countries,   and   became   the   highest   selling   track   of   all   time   on   Ministry   of   Sound   Australia.  
His   music   career   boasts   of   an   extensive   resume   spanning   over   twenty   years   from   early   beginnings   as   a   classically   trained   Jazz   musician.   At   the   age   of   thirteen   Timmy   was   named   ‘Young   Musician   of   the   Year’   before   being   granted   a   full   scholarship   to   the   Conservatorium   of   Music,   where   Sydney   Symphony   Orchestra’s   Anthony   Heinrich   tutored   him.   Within   two   years   he   secured   a   position   as   the   leading   solo   trumpet   player   in   the   Australian   All-Star   Stage   Band,   taking   part   in   an   extensive   European   tour   covering   some   of   the   world’s   biggest   Jazz   Festivals.  
As   a   songwriter   and   producer,   Timmy   has   dominated   the   club   charts   including   the   Beatport   number   one   hits   The   Buzz,   Psy   Or   Die,   Take   Your   Call,   Punjabi   and   Party   Till   We   Die.   Following   the   consistent   success   of   his   collaborations   and   solo   releases,   an   impressive   international   touring   schedule   of   over   two   hundred   shows   per   year   has   launched   Timmy   center   stage.   Whether   it’s   selling   out   back-to-back   solo   shows   in   Rome   or   playing   iconic   events   like   Tomorrowland,   Creamfields,   Parookaville,   Airbeat-One,   Balaton   Sound,   Dance   Valley   and   Electric   Love,   the   mighty   trumpet   is   dominating   the   dance-floor,   time   and   time   again.  
Refusing   to   be   pigeonholed   within   a   single   genre,   his   music   is   supported   by   an   expansive   array   of   artists   from   Armin   Van   Buuren   to   Steve   Aoki   and   can   be   heard   in   A-list   sets   main   stage   at   EDC   and   Ultra   Music   Festival.   In   his   home   country   of   Australia   he   has   hosted   national   TV   and   radio   shows   for   renowned   networks   like   MTV,   and   has   been   voted   the   number   one   DJ   at   the   ITM   Awards.   2018   has   already   kicked   off   with   a   bang,   promising   to   be   the   most   exciting   year   to   come   with   huge   releases   including   collabs   with   artists   like   Hardwell   and   Vini   Vici,   supported   by   extensive   world   tours.  



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