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Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian entrepreneur, DJ, author, fitness enthusiast and social media sensation. He’s known for leading an extravagant lifestyle, which he shares with his huge fanbase on the internet.
Full biography:
Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, Gianluca was a highly ambitious person since his early days. He pursued a degree in Economics and Business, graduating from the University of Bologna in 1993.

After graduating from college, Gianluca started working on his brand; collaborating with influential entrepreneurs and companies, and also, building several successful businesses in the process. Working hard day in and day out, Gianluca eventually decided to step back from business to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Since then, Gianluca has turned to a life of fitness, music, and internet stardom – where he shares his adventures with his followers.


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