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Gabry Ponte

Gabriele "Gabry" Ponte (born 20 April 1973) is an Italian DJ, remixer, record producer, and radio personality, best known for his membership in the Italian dance group Eiffel 65.

Full biography:
With Eiffel 65's rise to fame in the late '90s, his celebrity status was established. He later went on to produce the Italian hit single "Geordie" (a cover of Fabrizio de André's song by the same name, sung by Italian vocalist Stefania Piovesan), which was rewarded with gold record for selling over 25,000 copies, as well as hits "Time to Rock", "Got to Get" and "La Danza delle Streghe" (English: "The Dance of the Witches"). Also to his credit are a number of remixes of popular songs such as Gianni Togni's "Giulia" and O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei", among others.



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