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BESAME goes to Croatia for the first time at PAG in Club number 7 in the world the PAPAYA CLUB of ZRCE BEACH! Colorful, wild, feminine, scenographic, floral, Latin, lively, fun!
Full biography:
Besame is a real collective party, an event to be experienced! Born in 2016, Besame is conquering many of the most important clubs in the peninsula. Each event is made up of many different elements: breathtaking shows, wonderful sets, performers who know how to excite and artists and DJs who adapt the rhythm to the various moments of the evening.

A large space is dedicated to reggaeton music, mixed with Latin electro until the moment when we move on to pop house and the commercial hits of the moment.

At every Besame event there are excellent artists such as DJs of the caliber of Double Deejay or Andrea Bozzi, while professional performers alternate with the voice, such as Ares Favati, Aryfashion as well as some of the most acclaimed guests of the Italian and world scene such as Elettra Lamborghini, Ana Mena , Jay Santos, or the one who wrote and interpreted "Caliente" and Jenn Morel, or the star of "Ponteme".

The scenographic impact and the Besame shows are impressive: each location hosting the event is set up in an original and different way depending on the theme of the party. What is constant is the attention to the sets, lights, costumes, shows and animation that must be impactful and engaging.

The real star of Besame is the public attending the event, which is involved with accessories and gadgets (floral necklaces, which are the symbol of Besame; stickers, t-shirts and bracelets) that increase the desire to have fun. Besame transforms any night into an event to remember over time.



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