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Jebroer (Tim Kimman), who grew up in Leiden, is a typical case of a rough shell, white kernel. Raised by two women, he was the man of the house from an early age. Although he was sometimes unmanageable to those around him in his teens, the cheerful family man turned into everyone's big brother thanks to his open attitude. From his own brother and sister, but also from friends, acquaintances, the street and from you. Jebroer is there for everyone and is determined to stay.
Full biography:
After Jebroer formed a group in the past with fellow townsman Keizer, the rapper eventually ended up in the studio with producer Boaz van de Beatz. The collective around Boaz, Nouveau Riche, embraced him and the first releases followed shortly after.

With Boaz as a permanent partner behind the buttons, songs such as 'Btje Vliegen tog', 'Van eenander moer' and 'Vriendje' were released. Jebroer shows himself to be honest, but grew up in your face and clearly audible on the street. The video clips accompanying the infectious, electronic hip-hop tracks are good for hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

In 2011, Jebroer contributed five songs to the group album 'Alziend Oor', which was released on Nouveau Riche Music. That year, rave reviews, energetic live performances and crazy sessions on radio and TV were awarded a State Award for the 'Best Group'.

Jebroer works with Nouveau Riche colleague Mr Polska on his EP and album and then goes on tour with him. Together they tour extensively twice along pop venues and festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Highlights are performances at festivals such as Solar, Paaspop, Noorderslag and several Liberation festivals.



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